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Many competitive athletes struggle to reach beyond their sport to break into the marketplace and monetize their individual brand. Lack of time, quality content, and brand guidance make it increasingly challenging for athletes to obtain sponsorships, endorsements, placements, clients, etc. Obscurity is the core enemy. We are providing complete, brand coaching & professional content so you can get back to training, coaching, influencing, and dominating.  

    Over the past 3 years, we have traveled all over the country covering bodybuilding shows and hosting photoshoots for athletes. In 2021, we went on an 11-city, 107-client national tour. We’ve worked with up-and-coming athletes and the top competitive athletes in the world. Every year, we’ve asked ourselves the same question: How can we help athletes better understand their brand, connect with a growing audience and leverage their brand to build the life and personal economy they desire? 

This year we will work with 24 athletes we are calling "Featured Athletes". You will choose from 2 different packages/price points (additional customization available). The “Launch” package and the “Full Send” package. Both are based on discovering and building your brand, creating an epic short-film video, and complimenting it with additional photography. All participating athletes will also be featured in Revo Review Magazine and have access to our massive film studio StudioCOR3.


Contact Jason to get signed up or inquire: 

Text "Get Featured" to 616.970.3787

Or email

Package Pricing


Package range in pricing. Contact us for a quote. 

*Payment options available

2020 - 2023

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