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It’s easy to become depressed merely moments after soaring high on the clouds of achievement. Anyone striving toward giant goals will have this happen on a regular basis. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and demand the very best for our lives, our brands and those around us. Because of this phenomenon that affects all motivated people, I highly recommend we all pause, and take an “incredible inventory”.

“Don’t look at how far you have to go but at how far you’ve come.”

While I am not someone who takes their eyes of the prize it is so important to recognize all that’s been achieved to avoid the hamster wheel sensation. If all you do is run run run without any regard for the distance you’ve traveled or the mountains you’ve conquered it will be easier and easier to fall into that post-achievement depression.

Incredible Inventory

What is your incredible inventory? Take some time and write it out. What have you created? What jobs/ projects have you participated in? What financial milestones have you conquer? Who’s life have you impact? What sales and marketing targets have you hit? Take an inventory of the past month, 6 months or the past year of what you have to show for all your efforts. Write it down. Organize it all on a computer or phone. Use it to beef up your social media presence and your website.

People Inventory: most importantly, take an inventory of your network. Who have you partnered with recently? Who has joined you in your mission? Who has become a vital asset to your growth? Write it down. Thank them. Write them a review. What businesses have supported you and believed in your mission? Do the same for them.

Have an attitude of gratitude! When you truly appreciate others and show it privately or publicly you’ll strengthen the foundation of your network which will continually propel you forward.

For me, there is zero chance I am who I am without the incredible people around me. I’m dead in the water without the projects I’ve backed, the content I’ve created and the businesses I’ve partnered with. I am so grateful that the actions I’ve taken have attracted the right people and the right opportunities to propel me forward. I’m humbled daily by the love, encouragement and creativity of the people around me.

Let your incredible inventory motivate you and serve as a spring to launch you high into your next endeavors.

Action Step:

Take time out of your day and take inventory of:

  1. People

  2. Projects

  3. Creations

  4. Partnerships (brands, businesses & organizations)

  5. Financial achievements

  6. Skills & professional progress

  7. Followers, fans

  8. Personal/ spiritual growth

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