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RR1 Hustle is a Muscle

“Add more weight!”

“Hustle is a muscle”! Some people will think it’s crazy the first time they hear it... and this rant may NOT be for everyone...

My whole life I’ve been told to find “balance”, to work hard to play hard, to be sure to carve out “you” time. While I believe the intentions were good and while this advice may serve for a typical, unfulfilling life, I have found that a defensive, passive, self-preserving approach is most unrewarding. What I am not chasing is someone else’s idea of a good life or a safe life. I’m chasing for that place where my passions collide with this world’s great need. I’m chasing my potential!

So, this advice came over the radio a while back and it changed my life. “When you are overwhelmed by life and can’t take it anymore... ADD ONE MORE THING.” At first I was shocked. After a few seconds I began to realize that this was the most liberating advice ever. Why hadn’t I thought about this before. Action and responsibility are muscles. Hustle is a muscle. When you strength train you don’t back off or rest when you get tired. You progressively overload those muscles to create more muscle, more strength and more stamina. You slow the eccentric movement to make it even harder because you understand it as part of the process. You add MORE weight.

Now pause for a minute: I’m not talking about wasting your time or selfish pursuits. I’m talking about the kind of “weight” that will propel you forward towards your goals an missions in life. Add “weight” to your actions, to your commitment levels and to you personal responsibility. In the wake of your spent heart, serve someone else. Give yourself away. Add “weight” in the pursuit of your true potential and all that you are capable of. Add “weight” to your devotion to your friends and family. I promise it will change your life. When I look back at how much action and responsibility and commitment I can wield now compared to even a year ago it’s staggering. I don’t feel busier, I don’t feel more tired, I don’t feel more burned out... I feel more ALIVE and more capable to attack the tasks before me in a bigger better way than ever before in my life. When you have a fire you don’t just leave it alone... you keep adding more and more wood. I want to keep adding wood until this blazing, raging fire burns bring for the world to see. I don’t know that I’ll ever really fulfill my full potential but I see it as my obligation in life to try... not for me but for the world around me that can be impacted.

People sacrifice their dreams & passions at the alter of comfort or safety. They barely knock on the door and take off running because of all the fear the may have to face on the other side. I’m saying add one-more-thing, add the weight that will rip the muscle and make you stronger. Rip that door of the hinges, face your fears and make it happen. When you attack each day like this you wont face much competition and you will totally dominate your space. Let’s roll Revo people! I’m gonna go add some weight!

Jason | Owner

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