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RR10: Make New Problems

Featured Model: Lexi Fogle @_the_camera_girl_

“Take so much massive action that you create new problems!”

This is a beautiful, life-changing concept I grasped form the book “10X Rule” by Grant Cardone (go read it). The principle is to create massive action until you create new problems.

A wise friend once told me “Don’t come up with a product or service to sell, find a problem to solve”. When you meet a need and solve a real problem for person or business you create a life-long client and build a trusting relationship. The more action you take, the more problems you can solve and you will inevitably create new, better problems. Example: I have a problem: I don’t have any client photo shoots booked for the next 2 weeks. By taking massive action I fill my calendar. Now I have new problems... now I need to figure out how to be in 2 places at one time. Now I need to expand my company to meet the needs of our new clients. As a model, now you’re having to raise your rates and turn down business. New problems! Now go solve the new problems the same way and keep the cycle going and you will begin to dominate your sector.

Most people avoid problems, resistance and objections. Learn to embrace these and leverage them. Learn to be the one who can overcome these obstacles and you will be in a league of your own.

This incredible cycle of taking action and solving problems is the difference maker.

Everyone has dreams, some people have goals and FEW people take the correct amount of action to see it come to life.

Shoot for the stars and you might clear the trees.

Join me! Let’s go make new problems!

Jason, Owner

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