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RR11: Commit First, figure it out later!

Featured Model: Courtney Kurncz @courtneykurncz

Commit first, figure it out later. Let’s back up and first be clear about what I am not saying: I am not saying to commit to everything that comes your way. I am not saying you should jump out of the plane without your parachute. I’m not saying you shouldn’t train and have a plan of action in place for commitments made. You should still do a brand & health check on every “yes” given.

“Commit first”. I am talking to you, the professional. You invest in your training and you take daily action to achieve your goals. “Commit first, figure it out later” is a daily motto to push you beyond your comfort zone and to propel you towards your potential. I’ve heard it said that “Success is in the start” and I believe this is true today more than ever. Most people fail to take the leap, the first step, they fail to commit. Commitment is 90% of the fuel you’ll need to get off the ground. Commitment creates vision & resolve. Commitment keeps you creative and innovative.

“Figure it out later”. This means it’s okay to not have all the answers when moving forward. Doing something new and challenging will always have obstacles to overcome and problems to solve. These looming objections keep most people from even considering committing to a task or goal worth pursing. “What if I fail? What if I’m not the best person for this? What if I don’t have what it takes? What if people say I’m not qualified?” These are the lies you have to kill to achieve real commitment. Know your vision, prepare all you can, take massive action, COMMIT, and you will figure the rest out later. When I married my wife I had no clue the lifetime of challenges we’d face. Money, kids, careers, fights, all of it... we were not prepared for any of it. No one is. We commit in love and service to each other, before God for the rest of our lives. We’re literally saying to the world “we stand here before you vowing to figure everything out later”. It’s the most important vow. And after 10 years of marriage we have figured out a million things, all been born out of our commitment-driven relationship.

In marriage and in life your feelings will be tossed about by the sea but your commitment will be your anchor.

Most people fail to break out of “average” because they lack commitment. When it gets hard: are you committed? When the money doesn’t flow in right away: are you committed? When you get a bad review or personal attack online: are you committed? When your best friend or family member (who no doubt has quit on all their dreams) tells you it’s a waste of time: are you committed?

Lastly it is important to understand who your commitment is for. In a world that says “do you”, “love yourself first” and “look out for number one” I want to challenge this mindset:

Your commitment is for the would around you awaiting for your impact.

We all know self-care and being yourself is key. Again, this is a next level Revo Rant. If your mission is for and about you it will not likely stand the test of time. Think of the lives you can impact with a real commitment. Who needs to see you succeed? Who will you help succeed? Who will you speak to with your message? Who’s life could you save? Every commitment made has an unstoppable ripple effect that will touch the world around you. Even the haters and online trolls are watching and being affected by you. Our lives are to give away. The “figuring out later” becomes a passion and a joy when it is rooted in the humility and love of serving others. “Humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up (he will exhale you)” James 4:10. The greatest people I know in the world are servant leaders.

You want your commitment to “stick”? Commit for and to other people and the world around you will transform.

My commitment: I am 100% committed to Revo and everyone involved. I am committed to “figuring it out later” while I strive daily to better myself in every aspect of my craft and business. I’m committed to gaining daily skills that will serve our clients, team members, models and our families. I am committed to doing the hard stuff (that I do NOT enjoy) like spreadsheets and taxes. I am committed through the criticism, through the bad days, through the drama, through the financial growth, through the botched/ lost deals and the burned bridges. You can call me out and challenge my commitment any day or night. I am committed to chasing my true potential for the benefit of my family, my team, my community and the world around me. I am committed to re-committing every single day.

Let’s go figure it out!


That’s my Rant for the day. I would love to hear your thoughts and stories from when you made real commitment and the result of them.

Jason, Owner

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