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RR13: Revo Models - The Story, The Vision

“Where there is no vision, the people perish”. With no guidance system a rocket can never reach the stars.

Starting With Models

Last year my company and photography took an incredible turn when I began photographing models. I’ve been a music producer for most of my life and this is the approach I’ve always brought to image production as well. I started out editing blurry/ bad images from a good model friend of mine. I became obsessed with editing. Just like capturing a great vocal recording, a good image still needs production to be the very best it can be to break through into the marketplace and get the attention it deserves. I had already been doing a lot of graphic and motion design for our other clients so this was a very natural step for me.

When you look you see a picture, I see a musical masterpiece in image form waiting to be arranged, mixed and mastered.

The Problem

During this process (my deep dive into editing) I asked my new model friend many questions about her career experience and learned a great deal about photographers, models and the industry as a whole. The problems and issues were like blaring alarms in my head and I began to see a clear path forward for creating something better and different... for revolutionizing this world in my sector. I began to do more research and talk to more and more models and the issues were all the same. Models seemed to be stuck in dysfunctional , stagnant circles of image collecting from bad photographers. At it’s worst, models were being demeaned, exploited, sexualized and used by photographers and/ or agency’s to fulfill their goals and bottom lines. Photographers were the worst. Most lacked basic business integrity, many were creepers (even to the point of making advances) and almost all failed to deliver a quality product that could compete in large markets. Models would shoot all day to receive 4 photos, weeks later, low resolution and with stupid watermarks on them. And this, after their bad experience behind the camera. I really saw the darkness of this world on a group shoot where the host was taking inappropriate photos of a model on his cell phone while she was posing for another gross photographer. I would watch an uncomfortable model attempt to be at the their best and put them selves out there while the photographer harshly referred to her body parts in vulgar ways. I mean her face looked like she was in pain. Maybe that’s the look he was going for?? I was puzzled. When I asked follow up questions the answers were always the same... this is pretty much normal and expected in this industry. I’ve never really liked photographers for many reasons but this filled me with a righteous rage. Passion is love and hatred mixed. I’ve always believed that “calling” or “purpose” is where your great passion meets a great need. I was finding mine and fast.

Disclaimer: I should take a moment to say I personally know some incredible, ethical photographers. And not every photographer with weak business savvy is a bad photographer. It’s hard to be a true artist and then worry about the business at the same time. And that isn’t for everyone. We do however live in a world where everyone and their cat is a “photographer” and you need to take 100% responsibility for your brand and this means who you work with. You are surrounded by bad photographers. Know this and protect yourself and your brand.

A Revolution

What if? What if we understood a model’s goals, dreams and vision? What if we moved Photoshoots from “pointless” to “purpose”? What if we shoot more looks in less time and optimized the time of the model? What if we took responsibility of the posing and coached and guided the model to stronger images? What if we produced the images, to the best of our abilities to dominate the sea of images out there? What if the models had ALL their images, quickly, with no watermarks in their highest resolution possible? What would that do for the model? How would this accelerate their careers? What if we consulted with them on good branding/ marketing practices? What if we helped them with design and websites and social media strategy? What if we filmed whenever possible, made composites whenever possible? What if we honored models and served them well on shoots? What incredible images and poses and expressions would we get when the model feels fully alive and in their purpose? What if a model had consistent, high-end content?

The Solution?

How would it all be possible? Could anyone afford such service?

Here’s where it gets crazy. Our business model isn’t built or funded by portfolio shoots. If our vision is this big for models you’d better believe our company is shooting for the stars. Because our vision is so big and vast we do most of these things at little to no charge to the model. We keep our model group tight so that these models will be on stand by for commercial/ product work we acquire regularly.

For Revo, we’re trying to bring business/ organizations and models together to create the very best marketing content out there.

It’s a one-stop-shop for companies. Models benefit by receiving paid work, larger exposure and massive growth while the businesses benefit by having the quality commercial work of Revo greatly bolstered by the model roster. In our world today content is everything! I don’t care how great your company, your website or your product, if nobody is hooked by incredible visual content you will fail. We are providing this service to companies. (For more on the business side just ask. There is a lot of information but I’m keeping this Rant more on the model side).

So we have to be selective.

Revo models are hard working, on time, ethical, positive and inspirational. Revo models lift each other up, speak life and challenge the whole group go be better.

Your “look” is about as good as a fancy business card. People see it, discard it and move on. it’s your substance and your brand that will stick forever. And, we are so humbled and honored to have the team we have. As demand for Revo services grow, so will the model roster and the size of our team. A full marketing team, design team are in the works for the future as well as new photographers, videographers etc. Did you know we plan to have a live venue/ building, a school and a fitness center? We’re also developing apparel: Revo Fit and Revo Swim as well as a magazine called “Revo Review”. We’re building an empire, a movement, a revolution. One is greatly needed.


C3 | Capture, Create, Cultivate

Capture: Every Revo model fills out a “Brand Survey” that is reviewed and summarized by our Model team leader, Michelle. She builds your “Brand Blueprint”. This is a tool to inform the type of content made, the shoots/ jobs you take, your messaging, everything. Your brand is everything. Your brand is your reputation to the world. You should protect it as it is vital to your business survival.

Create: content content content! It’s everything. Understanding your brand, we work together to create a consistent stream of content that will propel you forward. Obscurity is the enemy. With the right message and right content you can break through the noise. We highly recommend only taking shoots or making posts that serve your brand.

If it isn’t an asset to your brand it is a liability to your cause.

Cultivate: when I looked up the definition of this word the sentences used was “The peasants who cultivated the land became its owners.” Think about that for a second. We work with you to develop continue working in commercial opportunities that produce actual income. This opportunities, some small and some large are the lifeblood of revo and what keeps us all going.

And repeat. These 3 steps stay in motion at all times. The brand should be evaluated and tweaked as needed, content should be consistently created and commercial shoots should happen as often as possible.

The day a realized I could put my creative skills together with my networking, sales and closing skills changed my life forever and birthed this awesome company. I’ve worked hard to put a team around me that challenges me, encourages me and is better than me in many areas. They also share the vision and desire to see a transformational shift on this industry.

It will take all of us. It will be hard. We will do the things no one else will dol. We will do what ever it takes. We will commit first and figure it out. We will constantly develop our hustle muscle...

...and we will take massive world-altering action for ourselves, our family’s and the people around us.

Please contact me with any thoughts or questions.

Let’s roll!

Jason, Owner

Credits (because I could never say thank you enough): A HUGE thank you to all Revo Models for making this incredible movement possible. Specifically Michelle Hoerlein and Courtney Kurncz for unlocking it all and opening my mind to what is possible. Thank you Dylan DeCaire for your constant Support, hustle and your incredible eye for your craft. Thank you Cynthia for your efforts on shoots and in helping us deliver good products. Thank you to models I’ve worked with since. You have all inspired me to build bigger and faster. Most of all to my wife Jen: your support and love are unending. You have believed in me for over 11 years and inspired me every step of the way. You are my 1st model and the love of my life.

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