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Featured Revo Artist: Abi Grala


Well this is awkward. I don’t know too many people who talk more than I do... this is not the kind of talking I’m referring to. There’s a big difference between a “communicator” and a “talker”. Communication is essential for any team and organization and can be the reason for success or reason for total collapse. The kind of talking I’m referring to is the time-sucking, un-acted upon dribble of the non-doer.

Don’t tell anyone what you're going to do until it’s done.

Why do you think the Club Revo group is private. We are taking massive action and action “DOING” rather than talking to the world about it. Models, your pictures are going so much further than anticipated and people are taking notice. Business want to hire us, partner with us, be like us... These are the results from doing.

The problem with talking. “Talkers” talk. When they plan, they tell everyone how amazing they are and how they will change the world. When the wheels fall off they blame (more talking) others and play the victim. You all know people like this. People who can’t stop talking about themselves and how amazing they were “back in the day” or in the “glory days”.... and “ONE DAY” i will do “this” and become “that”.

DOERS! Link arms with people who are doing. Run your race hard and look to your left and right for other runners... people who are going to challenge and encourage your pace. These people are filled with positivity and creative solutions. They don’t wait for life to happen to them, the cause the change around them. The best way to be a better “doer” is to surround yourselves with them... be accountable to them... and start doing! When’s the best time to act? When’s the best time to call, to record, to “show-up”? When is the best time to commit? When is the best time to write, to run, to rise to the occasion?


And that is the only correct answer..

FAILURE: It doesn’t mean a doer doesn’t fail or have relapses... it will happen all the time. But these people are keenly aware when they are “off” and do whatever it takes to get back up and back to doing.

CUT THEM LOOSE! Lighten your load. My father once told me “Son, if one day you wake up and all the people around you are idiots.... just look in the mirror”. This advice really stuck with me. I’ve been surrounded by idiots more than once and I can tell you the blame was found in the mirror. “What you think about, you bring about.” This is so true. Until you change your mindset, until you start leading the way, you will continue to attract the same negative, soul-killing people. Let them go!

Some people are going nowhere in life and they do NOT need your help to get there. We can stay bros, but you are not allowed the team. Just let us know when you’re done talking.... We’ll be ready to roll!

It’s a tough lesson but one of the most important. Remember: “Where ever you go, there you are.” Take the necessary steps in your own life and begin to inspire others.

I’m here to help anyway that I can.

And I’m done talking now. Let’s DO!

Jason, Owner

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