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RR19: What Are You Selling?

featured model: @jackie.what

I hear it all the time: “Jason, I’m not a sales person.” Of COURSE you are… you just might not be great at it… YET…

Whether you believe it or are in denial, every single one of us is in sales. Sales is merely the informing/ educating of a particular good, service or idea leading another person to take action that benefits both parties. Make sense? So when I go buy ice cream, I get sold on the idea, service and product and I take action that will make me feel good and ultimately help the business I’m purchasing from (now I want ice cream). Every time you tell someone about what you do, every time you post on instagram, every time you write a blog and every time you perform live you are selling. Selling is merely building your brand-value to someone else or a group of people. (Not to be confused with “marketing” which would be the various methods we attract and communicate with our target audience). When the perceived value of what I’m offering exceeds the price, effort or risk involved in taking action, people will take action every time. It’s why getting a “like” on a post is so much easier then raising money for a full-length studio album.

I love sales! Even 5 years ago I’m not sure this is something I would’ve ever believed I’d be saying. I had some misconceptions that had to be felt with. Our entire world revolves around the selling of ideas and services.

True and good “ethical sales” takes place when a need is met and/or a problem is solved. “Don’t come up with a product to sell but a problem to solve.”

This advice has always stuck with me. Learning how to lead people to good solutions is a skill set I wish everyone would develop more. Understand that you are in fact in sales could be the very difference that sets you apart from the crowded field. I have been incredibly successful in sales. I’ve been in direct sales, auto sales and with Revo I’m in multiple types of sales every day. I believe, what has made me such a beast in selling, has primarily been my embrace of it as a skill and as a part of my every day life. I owe my sales I.Q. a great deal. It has granted me just about every opportunity I’ve ever had. It has taught me to eliminate the “luck” out of my success the more and more I understand that this is a “skill” that can be acquired with more knowledge and practice. It has give me a confidence that won’t break and a drive that won’t quit. To know your efforts will lead to something makes you unstoppable.

What sales Isn't.

If you have to manipulate, take advantage of or trick another person you are not selling… you are scamming. True ethical sales confidently presents the value you bring in total transparency. No tricks, no games. Sales is NOT being a fat-cat, cigar-smoking, baggy-suit wearing dude looking to capitalize on other people. True sales solves a real problem in someone else’s life. There is a reason for them to take action or close on your product or your idea. “People don’t by a drill because they want a drill. They buy a drill because they want a hole.” - Grant Cardone (“Sell or be sold”)

What you selling?

Why do you think it is so important to define our brand(s)? Why do you think we talk about it so much? To the degree that you neglect your brand, your why and/or your mission is the degree that people will not see your value and therefore will not invest. Whether that investment looks like buying something, clicking on something, Commenting on something, downloading something, coming out to watch something… none of these action events will take place unless the prospect is compelled to do so. AKA… SELLING.

Don't Deliver the wrong pizza?

One of my favorite models to work with recently said “I don’t want people to get the wrong impression of me.” This statement is huge! It’s as logical as Pizza Hut saying they don’t want to deliver the wrong pizza to your house after you order it. When simplified it sounds so obvious but how many of us are delivering the “wrong pizza” on our websites or on our social sites? Is it what your customer ordered? Is it in-line with your brand and your vision? Does it accomplish your mission? Does it solve the problem as advertised? What value are you brining the view, the listener the engage-er and the user?

Let’s take Revo Models for example. Do you know how many models act on or even think on these concepts? How much would you stand out if you did? What would it mean if your audience was getting the product they ordered and the message as advertised? How much more would they be compelled to click, to “like”, to “comment” and to hire you? I want you message to be so loud and so clear the the biggest names in the industry have NO DOUBT you are the right person to deliver.

This is truly an empowering realization if you can grasp it. When the markets are all contracting around you, when people are scared and making cuts to their lives and their dreams you can be expanding, growing and impacting more and more people.

This concept will set you apart set you up to build your own economy that can’t be touched or effected as drastically when the world falls apart.

How will we accomplish all this?


I could talk about this all day and I do.

Please let me know your comments and questions. I always love to hear.

Have a great day!

- Jason, Owner

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