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Disclaimer: This is not to offend those who are content where they are.. those who are satisfied with their results. This Is to offend the rest of us.


Someone once told me:

“If most people are doing it a certain way or thinking a certain way… it’s probably not the way to go.”

This has stuck with me. So i've been thinkking... how did following the herd or chasing average become so popular? It's all around us and probably in your own life.


This rant is inspired by a photography Facebook group I’m a member of. There are thousands of people on it and it’s for Michigan photographers and models. It’s almost as if the amount of people IN the group validate or enable the not-so-good quality the group produces. (Or I’m just a jerk) Granted, there are some gems in the group and I’m happy to have met some of them. But this really got me thinking. I’m not trying to hate on the Facebook group but rather draw attention to a larger problem we all face when battling obscurity.

Where else do we settle for average? Do our friends and/or families tell us to “slow down”, “Take a beat”, “get our work-life balance in order”? Just because a large group of people think it’s good or the right path does not mean it’s right for you. There’s a quote, cheesy but true “you weren’t meant to blend in but to stand out.”

People who strive for average try to keep others stuck at average so that they feel better about being average. The worst thing for an average-seeker is for someone to chase their full potential. This dares to challenge their average thinking, their average actions and their average results.


So as you’re floating in the crazy river of life, stick your feet down hard, stop yourself, let the water build up behind you and look around. Are you floating towards more average or your full potential? Are you rolling with people who challenge and push you or with people who want you to fail… like them…

Most of us need to make some changes to our trajectory and the scenery around us. Most of us need to get rid of the enabling voices of mediocrity that tell us comfort and average is the ultimate goal in life. I’d rather be at ROCK BOTTOM than average. The perpetual numbness of “getting by” plagues so many people and hinders their ability to impact the world.

Our average thinking flys in direct violation of our great purpose.


An helpful step to “break free”. Embrace conflict and criticism. I knew early on that these two ‘c’ words would change my life. I wanted to learn how to “battle it out” with a team... how to clash with people's ideas to reach greater solutions. Learning now to conflict well is essential in marriage, in work, in business and really any project involving other people. Taking criticism is equally important. Sometimes the criticism isn’t even true but learn to take it. When I started in photography I didn’t bring my photos to my mom or my close friends who I knew would give me happy words of affirmation…. I went to the best photographers I knew and some I didn’t knew. I private messaged some of the biggest names in the game and told them to criticize my art in a way that would make me better. I don’t have time to be average… at least not for long. To embrace conflict and criticism one must be okay with NOT being okay emotionally. Our emotions can get trampled in these moments and the common tendency is to shrink or run away. Practice taking the hit, thinking critically about it and then taking action. Not all conflict and criticism is healthy. You’ll need to learn to discern between what is constructive and what is destructive. Build a strong team around you filled with people who want to see you succeed.


This is what I want for my family, my team and my community. I want people to find the very best within themselves so they can achieve their highest goals.


I am sure some people will say I'm unreasonable or crazy. I hear it every day. I've accepted that. I've been called many things including obsessive, arrogant, over-the-top... Someone actually told me "pace yourself Jason". Yeah that's what you say to they guy who's lapping you. I AM obsessed, and committed and focused. It's why people trust me and run with me. I'm trying to shake the world and help others do the same.

Revo Stands for Revolution. This world needs one in so many areas. "Average" will never take us there.

What do you think? I absolutely love reading responses/ messages from these Revo Rants.

  • Jason, Owner

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