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RR29: Feed Your FIRE

Feat model: Bekah Block

I’ve heard it said, there is a spark of greatness in everyone. I believe this is true but I’ve met so few people who actually use it to create a massive bon fire by which all around admire and benefit.


I believe we all have passion. I believe we all have dreams. I believe at one point in our lives we were all obsessed with our dreams of what life could be. Our spark becomes a small flame. Then along comes a “friend” who throws a bucket of water on our fire and it dies. The spark remains but this process of starting the fire back up becomes more and more difficult the more we allow the cycle to continue.

I briefly discuss toxic people who you should “cut-away” in that revo rant so go check it out. There are many reasons our fires go out. Friends, family, failures & fatigue are a the top of this list. We go along dreaming and building our fire and then we do something “terrible” (but not really)... we share it with someone we think believes in us. They say it’s “impossible”, “unlikely” or down-right “stupid”. They have good intentions though. In their mind they are protecting us from the future failures we’d likely endure.... as if our efforts and energies are in limited supply like poker chips on a table. There are no limits.


Here is the first lesson... one that I’ve really only understood recently: There is no limit to your imagination and your efforts. Energy starts anew every morning. You can go “all-in” every single day no matter the results of the previous day. This is your first key in establishing your fire so when all the water buckets of “good intentions” get thrown it will have no effect on you. Friends and family will begin to stop watering your fire and actually start admiring its glow. When you begin to understand this you truly have no limits.

Money is limited, resources are limited... dreams, effort and energy are limitless. Take everything from me, you can’t touch my vision. You can’t stop this fire.


People tend to be easily inspired and even more easily uninspired. They are quick off the blocks but lack endurance and lung capacity. They are dreamers, not doers.

You need to “become the tortoise and the hare” - Grant Cardone

You need the stamina of the tortoise paired with the explosive attack of the hare. We see it all the time: Bob starts something amazing and it takes off. People all around Bob are impacted but then suddenly Bob disappears, the idea/ business dies and people are left with ashes and memories of Bob and his dream. What happened to Bob? How could something so cool and so good end so quickly? Bob chased the admiration of a big fire but never learned to create consistent action to keep it. A good fire requires more and more fuel be added to sustain it. These analogies make it all sound so obvious but we fail to apply this concept to our dreams. Keep feeding your fire. You’ll need consistent actions, more actions and more dreams to keep it growing to the point where you couldn’t put it out if you wanted to. It takes a commitment and an obsession... like you use to have before the world squished it all.

How can you feed your fire? Increase your activities level.

The best source of fuel for your fire is your own personal effort.

Next would be to surround your fire with people who are not holding buckets of water... people who will contribute to your fire and encourage you to grow bigger and bigger. Increase your knowledge and your skills. Without consistent training to become the dominator in your space your fire will not stand out. Turn off Netflix and get on YouTube to learn from others. (Go read “train or Die” for more on this concept). Lastly (at least for now), share your fire.

A successful fire is not for you but for the world around you. Inspire someone else. Lift someone up. Use your power and influence to be an igniter to someone else.


I could sum this up by simply saying “keep going.” Failure is not an indicator of future failure if you’re growing, changing and feeding your “fire.” Fatigue will pass. Energy and opportunity are new every morning. We all have the same 24 hours a day to make big things happen.

Does this make sense?

What actions steps will you take immediately to feed your fire?

What people and obstacles need to be put on notice to protect your fire?

Who can you benefit and reach by creating an epic fire?

Let me know how I can help. Me and the crew are forging an unstoppable inferno that will impact the culture around us and cause creative revolution. We are all-in, all the time. We are committed and obsessed with our vision and to help others reach their full potential.

Let’s roll!

Jason, owner

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