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Most models and photographers, creatives in general are so concerned with their bottom line and their reputations that they fail to develop the greatest asset for success... NETWORKING! “Your net worth is only as good as your NETWORK”. People are the single most important currency on this planet. There is no shortage of money in the world but great people are to die for. I am committed to attracting and connecting with the very best people and I will do it at any cost. People are worth it! When you invest in a person your networth can grow exponentially and you are only a few people separated from everyone on this planet.

The power of networking/ relationship building has taken me further than anything else in life. This skill will open doors, create opportunity and more than anything, provided a way to pay it forward.

Fear is the only thing stopping you from connecting. Who do you need to get in front of today? Who do you need to know to make things happen in a bigger way? Make it happen! We are building Revo with this idea in the forefront of our minds. Our net worth will be defined first by our people and we know that the money will follow. “All ships rise with the tide.”

So thank somebody today who has invested in you. Connect with that person who wanted to collaborate with you. Take that trip across the state or country to make that connection. Pick up that phone and call that CEO or that creative director. Make sure everyone in your space is honored and supported by what you’re doing. Your net worth, you network will be unstoppable.

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