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RR31: Another Level

Featured model: Bekah

I want to see you reach another level.

Is it possible for me to motivate you? Is it possible to help you ignite the embers of your passion and vision for something greater? Do really hear me when I speak? Do you really believe me when I tell you what I see you? Do you really believe there are clearer skies and brighter days? Do you believe that you are capable of incredible things? Do I want these things more for you than you want them for yourself?

Lost at sea

It feels like trying to convince someone adrift at sea that there is land. I’ve seen land. It’s incredible. You were created for more than drifting endlessly.

You’ve been lost at sea for so long you’ve given up all hope of land. The sea is your reality.

Land is right there if you would just reach for it but your hope has been so crushed, diminished and drained. You won’t even open your eyes long enough to see it. There are many roads that could’ve led you to this state of brokenness and defeat. Maybe it was brokenness in your family. Maybe it was a spouse or partner that set you adrift. Maybe it was the death of a friend. Maybe illness. Maybe it was the relentless barrage of failed career moves. Maybe it was total financial collapse that led to like dominos to greater and greater pain. Maybe your dreams were snuffed out by the sea of average thinkers around you, who over time, chipped away at it until it was gone. Whatever the reason, to one degree or another we are all lost at sea.

Remember When

You weren’t always like this. You once had dreams. You had hope that you were meant for something greater... that you could leave your mark on this world. You had a vision of what the world could be. You had a vision of the life you could build. I remember it. You pursued it with passion. But now you’re defeated. I approached you with a life-raft and held my hand out but you didn’t take it.

The fear of hope being lifted just to come crashing back down is more than you can take. So you close your eyes. You retreat. You give up. And there’s nothing I can do... except to ask you to remember.

To avoid facing the sea maybe you’ve ”successfully” medicated your pain. Your drug of choice could be distraction, superficial love, destructive relationships, complete social withdraw, the drug of excuses and self-pity or indifference. These are enough to numb you to reality but they offer no long-term resolution.

There is Still Hope

There is another level. There is “land”. There is hope. It requires trusting again, risking again and facing your fear and insecurities head on. It takes faith... (contact me to learn more about my faith in God and the transformative power this has in the human heart)

Anyone who as gotten to another level had to leap one more time, trust one more time and face their fears one more time.

“Nothing chances until you change something”

Life Boat

I’m begging you to take the hand of the person who offers you more hope and who encourages you. Even if you get tossed right back into the sea. Rise again, reach again, hope again. And again and again and again. It is worth it. Whatever it takes. You are the only person who can bring your gifts to this world. Hundreds, thousands and maybe even millions of people will miss out on that gift if you keep your eyes shut... if you stay defeated. You must rise.. not for yourself alone but for every life you are meant to touch. But it’s up to you. No amount of outstretched hands or voices of encouragement can change your situation. You need to make a choice. You need to commit to it. You need to reach. You need to risk.

Ankle Weights

I’ve seen the people you’re lost at sea with. I’ve seen your desire to reach for another level only to be pulled back into the water by these same people. For many in your circle, it’s better to be lost together. For them, it’s unacceptable for you to succeed while they remain in the water even though you would reach right back for them if you could.

These people are weights around your ankles pulling you closer and closer to the ocean floor.

You can come back from them but you need your own breath first. You need to rise. You need to get on another level.

Another Level

What is this “other level” I speak of? Well it’s not a level immune to life’s hardships. But it’s a place where your heart becomes a well of hope that’s never runs dry. It’s a level where you know who you are and are able to pursue your vision fully. You’re able to conquer your new fears every single day. On this level you are surrounded by people who elevate you and make you better. On this level you serve others even out of a place of brokenness.

You well-being and joy are no longer hostage to the circumstances of life. You are free.

Out of this freedom you are making moves. Out of this freedom you’re able to reach back for others who are still drifting. On this level you can truly change the world. You’ll be unstoppable. I wish I could plug into your mind and download this vision of freedom for you but you need to see it for yourself. You need to open your eyes. You are incredible. You are meant for more. And the world needs your “more”.

On the Flip Side...

For some of you, you’re on the other side of the coin. You’re on that next level. You desire to help others. I know it can disheartening to see people you care about sinking while you’re calling out to them with a life boat.

Keep calling out. Keep reaching out your hand. Keep praying for them. It’s people like you who can wake the dead and the hopeless.

You may feel like no one is listening but stay the course. Keep working, keep bundling, keep inspiring and keep leading. If you could come this far surly the others can to. You may even want something great for someone way more than they want it for themselves. There’s a lot to say on this about when to let someone go (if they are pulling you down) and how to never give up on people. It’s a delicate balance and a topic for another Revo Rant probably.

Tell your story. No mater who you are

The best advice I can give if you are succeeding at your life-goals is to always (I mean always) share your whole story. People will think you were always that way... an “overnight success”. You and I both know this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your story is meant to be shared and to breath new life into those who are not quite there yet.

I care about everyone in this Revo family and desire all of us to reach our full, God-given potential (whether or not Revo is even part of that journey or destination).

So a few questions to think about:

  1. How long have you been adrift at sea?

  2. What life boats has God sent you that you turned away?

  3. What ankle weights need to be cut away?

  4. What other obstacles are you placing in your own way?

  5. Who have you given up on that needed one more word of hope?

  6. Who are you reaching out to? Who are you encouraging on a daily basis?

  7. Who needs to hear your story right now?

We are strongest together. All ships rise with the tide. Let us know if there’s ever a way we can help you and lets build something incredible. Let’s rise together.

I will be here. Revo will be here. We are all-in and fully committed to this vision and everyone we work with.

Choose freedom whether you feel it or not. Have a great week.

Jason | Owner

Feat Model: Bekah

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