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RR33: People > Process

Process is important. Without a solid system in place that is repeatable and duplicatable it will be nearly impossible to accomplish your goals. That being said...

Know when it’s time to scrap the process!

I get it. You’ve spent hours, days, months, or even years perfecting your perfect system/ process. I understand that your process is directly tied to your income. There are things you do and things you don’t do. Have a great process and stick to it (for the most part). What I’m sick and tired of hearing is the following:

  1. It’s not my problem

  2. I can’t help you with that




  6. That’s not the way I do things

  7. You didn’t pay for that

  8. My time is up unless you pay me more

  9. You only paid for “X”.

Whether you’re a content creator, model, artist, business owner etc you need to purge statements like these and any that resemble these from your vocabulary. Learn to leverage problems and objections into new or additional opportunities. (We teach this skill in our “C3 Marketing Guide”. Email for details.)

Let me assure you... if you learn to punt your process from time to time to serve people you will see rapid and consistent growth and repeat business. I cannot count the amount of calls I’ve taken where I had to step way out of scope to handle an issue for a customer that came back to me to pay massive dividends. People over process. This concept will serve you well.

When your client(s) or audience start to understand how far you’ll go to deliver excellence you’ll have promoters for life.

We have all been with organizations who have steamrolled clients or prospects in the name of “process”.

Join me in a revolution of service as we over-promise and always over-deliver. Give and give until there’s nothing left!

Let’s roll!

- Jason, Owner

featured model: @fitmodelmom

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