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RR35: Talking to Walls

featured model: @jackie.what

Back Story

I spend every day sharing and building my vision with incredible people. People who get it and are running with me. Today, on vacation I was answering some questions about Revo. A family member I hadn’t seen in a year asks me “what would you do about health insurance and your retirement fund?” (after hearing my goal was to eventually run my business full time). He was dead serious. I had just shared the size and scope of what we’re building... a one-of-a-kind empire that spans across the entire country employing thousands and impacting millions and creating the most incredible marketing content the world has ever seen.... and you’re asking me about health insurance and a 401K? My mind was blown. My answers even seemed to confused him. I hadn’t thought that small about my life in a lot of years. I am sure, if you’re a dreamer/ doer you’ve gotten these same questions... and probably much worse.

I read a wise quote once that said “Don’t tell anyone what you’re going to do until you’ve done it.” While I agree with the point this quote is making I also know there is a great deal of value in sharing your vision with people who are like-minded and who will join you in your endeavors. Keeping both these thoughts in mind are crucial when living your life to your full potential.

Protect your plans but build an epic team.


Some people you share your hopes and dreams with won’t get it. It’ll be like talking to a brick wall. They either haven’t heard you out or they are challenged by your vision and they don’t like being challenged. People stuck in average thinking or who daily convince themselves to be content where they are often times do not respond positively to someone who is actively trying to expand their life, their potential and their impact.

What is the point of my story? To me it was humorous... I’ve had this happen so many times since I decided I wanted to build something incredible. The point is you are not alone. This happens to so many people and many get discouraged or defeated as a result. Someone tells them to “be reasonable”, “Play it safe”, “have a backup plan” or “that sounds really risky” or insert any other terrible piece of advice or feedback given in the name of “protecting” you. The quicker you can learn to disregard small thinking the quicker you can get back to your big thoughts.

We’re all in this together. Run with the runners.

I’m humbled and honored daily to work with the incredible people God has brought into my life. Thank your for joining me, believing in me and partnering with me.

Let’s to “ding the earth” (Steve Jobs)

  • Jason, Owner

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