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Build Your Fire

One of 2 things happens when you leave a fire unattended. 1. The fire becomes out of control and causes damage. 2. More than likely what happens is your fire dies completely.

Stay Focused

Building your brand is just like building a fire in that it requires your consistent attention. I’ve seen people time and time again take off like a rocket ship, have a taste of success and then die out. Typically when this happens they either lacked the knowledge to sustain their growth or they lack the vision to endure.

Kill The Time

The more time you place between actions in your brand the harder it will be to accelerate. Every minute, every hour and every day added is like tossing anchors into the water and wondering why you’re not creating any momentum. If time kills your momentum the best thing you can do is kill the time first. Act immediately and consistently.

There will be time to rest but don’t do it until your fire is an unstoppable inferno.

Know Thyself

Evaluate the reasons you keep adding time.

  1. Do you lack confidence?

  2. Are you afraid?

  3. Are you distracted?

  4. Is there a new skill you need to learn?

What ever the reason for the stalling, identify it and handle it. When? When do you think? NOW!

Put off all your excuses for putting things off.

Let’s roll!

  • Jason, Owner

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