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Feat model: Jen Arntz

I’m about to crack the code and give away the secret (that’s called click bait). But first first:

A close friend and client recently told me: “I’m done thinking of modeling as a job.” At first, I felt bad for her. It’s a sad thought of someone giving up on a passion. But then I thought again. Maybe she just had the greatest breakthrough yet... maybe this is the key.

  • Models: Stop trading poses for cash. You can have a cool side-hustle or a hobby doing this but most models cannot create a sustainable career on this path.

  • Photographers (other creatives): Stop trading clicks for cash. This grind makes you cranky and broke. Your dependence on income from individual shoots isn’t sustainable. This is why so many creatives burn out and quit. “Starving artists” got to eat.

  • Musicians, producers and anyone else chasing their passions. This will likely apply to you as well.

I’m not saying “don’t do the thing you’re passionate about”. I’m not saying you can’t create great income from these things. What I am saying is you can do it bigger and better. When you shift your mindset and build something bigger than the smaller things come with it.

Why catch a fish when you could own the whole lake?


Modeling (photography, music, performing, insert thing you do here) is a vehicle. It’s a vehicle to create your brand. Your brand will become the massive, income-generating asset you need which will in turn, create more modeling (or the thing you do) opportunities. Do you get it?

BRAND IS EVERYTHING! Why do you think you had to fill out a “Brand Identity” survey just to meet me or work with me. Why do I say constantly “If it’s not an asset to your brand it is a liability to your cause”? Because it’s true. it’s all true. Our talents, gifts and passions are the fuel and the resources required to build a brand that has maximum impact and monetization. This is why I talk about C3 so much. Capture, Create, Cultivate. It’s all about your brand.

This “mega mindset” is an all-in, whatever-it-takes, total domination mentality that seeks not only to handle the task at hand but also the far out tasks that will create broader impact and freedom for yourself and the world around you.

To get your thinking on this level you have got to become “others focused”. Your mission will need to become bigger than yourself.

I need to be careful to not offended the person out there who just wants to play that trading game I outlined earlier because if that’s what you want to do, great. This message is for the ones who want to build economies and have a greater impact on the lives of others. This message is for the ones who want to pursue financial freedom doing what they love. Not everyone will build a successful brand or business. Not everyone will team up with a group of people pursing the same goals and that is 100% okay. Some of you are trying to chase your greatest potential and for those people, I’m hoping this is helpful.


The trading game is exhausting. It’s why so many photographers are the way they are. It’s why they watermark everything and charge for everything. They are so focused on the trees (taking pictures) that the miss the entire forest (building a successful brand). It’s ironic because if people take the time to build a successful brand then they can focus more on what they are truly passionate about. When you’re your own CEO you can do whatever “job” you want. We have all done this.... we obsessed over one shoot or one client, “one tree” when we should be focused on owning the whole “forest.” What is “your forest”? What steps can you take today to begin setting your sights on higher goals?

So to my model friend, I would say this: You are an incredibly talented model. You are already an inspiration to so many. It’s time to use your skills, gifts and passions in bigger bolder ways. You my friend, are having a breakthrough.... an awakening. You now get to decide how “mega” your vision is going to be moving forward.

How to build a brand? Creativity follows commitment. The first thing to do is make a real commitment to building a successful brand. The next step is to apply C3. (Or any other effective brand strategy)

  1. Capture: Identify your why and your target audience

  2. Create: Reassess your content creation and what needs to be created to reach this audience.

  3. Cultivate: Leverage the content, products and your network to expand rapidly.


Yes, this is over simplified. There are a lot of steps and a lot of details involved in creating a viable brand but your commitment is non-negotiable.

Everything in this Revo Rant is the reason Revo is so unique and structured the way that it is. I learned long ago that I needed to build something bigger. I knew long ago I wanted to create passive, residual income and I knew long ago that I wanted to create opportunities and economies for others.

Let me know if there’s any way I can help.

Let’s roll!

Jason, Owner

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