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“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor” - Franklin D Roosevelt


Our human instinct is to take the path of least resistance... to deviate to an easier path if the road gets rough.

In college I “knew” in my mind that I had no chance with this girl (Jen, who’s now my wife) and so I went a different route... into a very very terrible relationships. Lucky for me and by the grace of God I was able to course-correct and eventually end up with that incredible first date. People do this all the time in the dating scene. They fail to see themselves as created and loved in the image of God and in this identity crisis they settle for less... the “easier” path... which ends up being so much harder anyways. This also happens in careers, business, creative passions etc.

I’m not recommending that you go out and attempt to make your life as difficult as possible. There’s enough difficulty in life as it is. What I’m suggesting is that you embrace the “waves”. The waves at sea are not the fault of the sailer but navigating them successful is his/ her responsibility and duty.


Waves will always come. Obstacles, objections and massive unreasonable problems will come into your life when you take massive action towards your goals. You will either run from them, be crushed by them or you will grow. Growth comes when we learn to steer into the “spin”. Growth comes when we get uncomfortable and adapt to the challenges in front of us.

I saw another quote that read: “A winner is just a loser who tried one more time.”

Don’t just float

It’s not enough just to keep “floating” when the waves come. Merely remaining at sea isn’t enough. Many people just park in their difficult circumstances thinking they are persisting. Meanwhile a massive wave comes from the side and capsizes them as they never maneuvered their boat accordingly. Does this make sense? Persistence is key, yes, absolutely. However without learning new skills and the proper actions to take you can find yourself and your business in greater peril. I see people stay in destructive relatinoships or jobs they hate all under the idea that they are persisting... You need to understand the sea, the direction of the waves/ objections and learn obtain the skills and expeience to deal with It.

You know what to do. It’s in every Revo Rant. Commit first, get creative, train for new skills and take massive amounts of action.

This will ensure you not only persist though the storm but rather that you conquer it. The next storm massive storm swell will feel like a spring rain.

In conclusion, don’t pray for an “easy” life. Pray for strength, pray for peace and endurance to become the force that can over come challenges. Professional athletes don’t train from the couch. They get on the field and drill at full speed to be ready for the greatest moments of their lives.

I hope this rant encourages you. I’ve never met a successful person who had it easy or who didn’t have to learn to manage the many waves in life.

We are all in rough waters together.

Let’s get stronger!

- Jason, Owner

Feat Model: @jackie.what

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