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RR4: Motivation follows ACTION

“Motivation follows ACTION.” Something you will hear me say a lot. Most of us sit around until we feel motivated to do something impactful. Whether it’s getting in shape or building a brand... we wait for outside forces to affect us enough to cause action. I am confident that for true transformation of my behaviors I need to become that outside force. Circumstances don’t happen to me.. I am the cause of new circumstances... the force that changed the world around me and makes it happen. Take the action first and you will feel the motivation rise up inside you.

Lately I’ve had excuses... I’ve been the victim while allowing life, time and circumstance to lord over me in one crucial part of my life... my health/ fitness. I’ve blamed my busy schedule and my big home move and everything else on my lack of success in this area. I over sleep because “I deserve it”... “I worked so hard the day before”. Of course I don’t feel motivated to get myself to the gym before starting another crazy-long day. I know the rule... motivation follows action. ACTION is always the first step. Massive amounts of action. I will be at the gym tomorrow morning not because I feel like it and not because I feel like it and not because I’m even prepared for it... but because I know it is necessary. Success in this area of life touches my family, friends and business endeavors.I know that by taking this action, repeatedly, over time, I will be flooded with an endless supply of motivation and energy that trump all my lazy and/or negative emotions. Apply this to every area of life. Making a budget, your spiritual life, investing in your marriage, your brand/ business, your art, your skill your craft... Stop waiting around for inspiration and create it. Stop waiting around for motivation and take action. I’m talking to you and I’m talking to myself. The Bible uses the phrase ”Putting on the full armor of God”. We rarely feel like doing what we should do. Do it anyways. You’ve got to “put it on”. To drive to the basket is to be at war with your feelings daily. You might need to pass, spin, cross-over or dunk over someone. But do it. Your feelings will follow.

I’m talking to you and I’m talking to myself. If we can wrap our minds around this concept we will be unstoppable. While we wait around for motivation someone else is already doing it. So stop analyzing, stop planning, stop shuffling paperwork and DO IT! See you in the gym!

- Jason Arntz | Owner

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