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RR6: Don’t Compete. Dominate!

Photo: @fitmodelmom

Don’t compete, dominate! Let everyone else try to best others at what has already been done. Link arms with a team of visionaries, team up with problem solvers and go build something truly REVOlutionary and life changing. A wise friend once told me “your calling is where the world’s great need collides with your greatest passions.” What is YOUR calling? How can we get there together? With that calling/ purpose in focus there is no competition... just people who join and people who sit back and watch. While some will be sitting on the sideline debating how best to compete against us we’ll be lapping them on the track for for the 4th, 5th, 6th time.

“Competition is healthy” people say... why? For who? I’m not trying to be better than someone else at their thing. I’m trying to expand, blast out of obscurity and dominate the marketplace in my own, unique and unstoppable way.

How can you dominate today? How can you differentiate yourself? Find the problem, the lack, vacuum and provide the absolutely best solution possible in a way no one else can. Then, grow your “hustle-muscle“ and keep adding wood to your fire. Soon the world will gather around to watch it burn!

So whether you’re a model, content creator, influencer and/or business owner this advice is key. Look at the biggest brands in the world. Look at how they completely dominate their space. Revo is on this same path. We don’t compete with other creators, ad agencies, modeling agencies or record labels... They may see us that way and they may attempt to compete but we are building a creative empire that will revolutionize our industry. We are solving problems that have existed in the modeling industry for decades. We are building something in West Michigan unlike anything before. This is our vision for us and for all who are part of Revo. Let us help you build your brand, let us help you dominate your space and I believe you will realize your desired impact on this world.

Let’s not leave a “mark”, let’s burn the thing to the ground and transform the culture.

Let’s roll!

Jason | Owner

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