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Revo Rant #7:

What i’m not saying is that you should have no plan. Plans are critical and venturing out without a road map invites certain failure. What so many of us do however is plan plan plan plan plan... and we never move to the “DO” or “action”. While we wit here re-planning all our plans we had planed, someone else took action and made it a reality. Someone ELSE took the spot, got the job, built the dream and now you’re back to competing again. I dont care if you had a better vision a better plan and if you can do it better... you never made it a reality. Good plans and good intentions don’t change the world... action does! Do it! Hear me? DO IT! You already thought about this.. it was only your dream for your entire life.... Get a team and make it happen!

- For additional help, resources and/or assistance in taking action please contact revo directly at or text “help me stop planning“ to 616.970.3787

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