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RR8: Your Photos don’t Matter

Feat. Photo: Cynthia Hoang


Did I just say that if you’re a model and/or photographer your photos are pointless?? Yes! To the degree that you lack a team, a target, and a massive action plan to break out of obscurity is the degree that your photos are a tremendous waste of time and talent. We know that content matters but only if people see it. And not just people, the right people, your target audience.

Target: You can send the most meaningful, impactful messages but if no one receives them did they really matter? Nobody types an important text and sends it to a random 7-digit number. The recipient is just as important as the message and content. Every arrow needs a target. In the music would we would see this all too often. And artist will pour their heart, soul, time and energy into a song that nobody will hear. Obscurity is your enemy.

Team: why is team so important? Not just a team but the right team. A team creates a collective and collaboration of new ideas, talents, abilities, viewpoints and efforts. A team is essential to grow, stay challenged, stay encouraged and stay focused. A team can build you up and lift you out of obscurity infinitely faster. As a wolf hunts with a pack, we seek to dominate our sector as a team.

I cannot tell you how many times a team member has saved me from making a critical error creatively and professionally or jumped in with a new idea that completely revolutionized a protect or direction. My net worth is my network. The Bible talks of the church as one body with many parts, each essential for the body to function correctly and effectively. Team!!

Action: your content and your team will have zero chance of accomplishing your goals with out correctly assessing the amount of massive action required for the task. By now you all know how I feel about massive action. Take it! All of it!! Right now! Then add to your fire, grow your hustle muscle until the whole world comes to watch you burn.

Team, target, action! Ok, now your photos/ content will matter. Now having the best quality and quantity of content matters. Now we develop world class content that will set you apart.

It’s a lot. It’s a lot to put together. It’s not a revo rant for the hobbyists. It’s a message for the people who burn with passion for their craft and for their vision.

I’m burning, are you??

- Jason, owner

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