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RR9: My Symbolic Dumpster

Featured model: Heather Meekhof @hambam90

My Dumpster is very symbolic. Recently my wife and I and our 3 sons moved to our very first home. While this was a very exciting season we were stretched and stressed to the max. To make our lives “easier” we rented a large, 10-yard dumpster to purge our lives of all the junk and clutter we had accumulated the 6 years we lived in the old house.

1. It marks the end of a long, life/ business interrupting move. The “pause” this move created allowed me to study, plan and grow and for that I am grateful. What I did NOT do is more shoots... which was VERY hard...

2. It’s symbolic because sometimes we have to throw things out, or burn down the forest to move forward in life. When a forest burns, completely burns to ashes, it creates the absolute best environment for new, flourishing growth to occur. This applies to letting go of old mistakes, relationships, jobs etc to allow your mind and spirt to fully embrace the present and your future/ goals. With his back to the sea, Hernán Cortés, the Spanish commander, burned his ships so that his men would have to conquer or die.

It’s hard work! Our move took days, endless trips up and down stairs carrying awkward and/or heavy items that should probably be carried by more than one person at a time. Filling the dumpster meant hours and hours in a damp, dark basement managing, sorting and then carrying ripped boxes, broken furniture etc up and out to the dumpster.

It’s an interesting metaphor for our lives. Sometimes clearing out our lives is dark, uncomfortable and way more difficult that we expect. It’s why most people never change, never grow and never let go of the things that hold them back.

What needs to go in your “dumpster”? What dark, unpleasant places do you need to deal with to make it happen? Let’s burn the ships and charge forward together!

- Jason, Owner

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