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I first need to address some advice I’ve been seeing frequently on social media. All these “dream quietly so no one hurts your feelings” quotes (I’m paraphrasing). “Share your vision with no one until you succeed so those who don’t deserve you, don’t hear it...”. Are you kidding me? How will I succeed without finding a good team through voicing my vision? How will I attract the right kinds of people? New Plan: Dream big, dream loud and lead the world around you with your vision and actions. Learn to take the criticism of your “haters”. Let it fuel you and you’ll begin to attract those who align with you. Battle-test your dreams. Strengthen your resolve. Not only will this fortify your own castle but it will offer a place for others. This mindset will keep your focus on positively impacting other people. Get louder!

Now that that’s off my chest, let’s talk about “starting”. I love the quote

“success is in the start”.

So many people fail just by failing to actually start their brand, their business or relationship. They have big dreams and great aspirations, but lack the “doing” part of the equation.

So when should you start? Next year? Next week? Tomorrow? NO! Not even later today.

Start right NOW!

The longer you wait, the more you allow fear and doubt to erode your dreams. Start immediately. (If you stop reading right here and go START something I will not be offended. DO IT!) Even more important than starting is to start repeatedly. What do I mean? Many people give up because they fail. They take a setback as a sign that it wasn’t meant to be. “The universe must not want me to do this” or “I guess my uncle Fred was right, this idea was stupid”.

Shut up “Fred”! Successful people are the people who keep starting, every time they encounter resistance.

Nothing can stop you if you don’t stop starting!! Did you get rejected? Start again. Did your partner quit on you? Start again. Go broke? Start again. The one thing you cannot run out of, the one thing people can’t take from you, is your resolve to continue. So get back up! Success does not occur in the absence of failure, rather in the presence of one who persists through the failure. Take comfort in the failures and the disappointments for you are in good company. No one who accomplished a mountain top of success did so without a pile of failures on which to stand on. So start right now. If you let yourself down 30 seconds from now, start again. Become so disciplined and conditioned to keep starting that it becomes a part of your daily routine. Tomorrow, when that stupid alarm goes off, you’re going to fail. You’ll at least feel tempted to fail, to slack on your dream, to hit snooze on your alarm and on your vision. Regardless, start over... again... Don’t allow yourself for one second to feel shame or self-doubt when you slip up. IMMEDIATELY start again. Time will allow all that negativity to flood back in. It’s kind of like if you trip in public and instinctively try to recover so quick and gracefully so that maybe no one notices. Whether someone saw it or not... you’re back up and moving. They can laugh at your clumsy step or marvel at your epic recovery. Either way they’re talking about you. Either way you’re back on track. Make sense? Now stop reading this and get started! Let us know how myself and the Revo team can support you. We are cheering for you.

- Jason Arntz, Revo

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