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Revo has officially joined the NFT world and we couldn't be more excited. We have combined commercial photography/ image production with our phenomenal team of models to create these unique, limited edition digital assets. We are in this for the long haul and you can expect a new series every 3 months. Thank you for joining us on this journey. 

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The Revo Rebels

The Revo Rebels (represented by our talented team of professional models) are a group of assassins who travel through space and time to accomplish a wide array of missions. Take the time to learn more about each Rebel. Collect them all! 

These digital assets are the merger of talented models, commercial photography and over-the-top image production/ compositing. Each piece is unique and reflects the character. 





king stone



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“Boss” is the team leader of the Revo Rebels, a group of skilled yet dysfunctional assassins who travel through space and time on their many missions. 

Much of The Boss’s past is shrouded in mystery. Whatever demons she keeps, have left her cold and dead inside.The Boss is a master of manipulation and will not hesitate to throat punch anyone who threatens those she’s most loyal to. When she witness injustice, she loses control.

Boss is also boujee as shit. You’ll find her with a martini in hand killing time at the night club. Her lavish social exploits leave a trail of broken hearts. 

She’s sweet, spicy, and deadly. 

Due to his split personality, King Stone has transitioned from military man to mercenary. Some days, he’s a beer-drinking, foul-mouthed, wild man, who brings too many guns to a knife fight. When the Boss calls, the switch flips, and it’s all business. 

In his finest tailored suit, he becomes more deliberate and intentional. 

On occasion, both personalities present themselves. While this can create a massive liability for the team it also grants King Stone the perfect combination of calculated-crazy required to get the job done.

Abandoned as a child, Lo spent most of her youth alone. Fending for herself, on the streets, she was forced to acquire the skills necessary                to become a great assassin. It was these skills that got the attention of the Boss.

The Boss ultimately decided to recruit her for her flexibility, confidence and chaotic combat methods. If you hear her bubble gum popping you know she’s kicking ass or saving puppies, sometimes at the same time. She can be an unpredictable wildcard, but the trouble she causes somehow ends up working in the Rebels’ favor. 

Born under the super blue blood moon at the dawn of the new century, the very name DeLorean sends chills up ones spine. He stands tall at 6’4” and has advised for 2 Sultans, 3 Kings, 4 U.S. presidents, and 1 Czar, all of whom admit to “owing him a favor.” The product of 2 genetic anomalies, he is dashingly brilliant, highly sophisticated, and stealthy smooth. He has long held a morbid fascination with the horrors of contemporary warfare. The tactful nature in which he assesses his surroundings makes him a natural expert in military strategy.

It was not until he met a band of assassins whom he could call his equals that the mystery that is the DeLorean began to unravel for the world to see.

He also dances. 

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