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RR14: Because Of You

No matter where you go, there you are.

This simple, obvious statement is both reassuring and at the same time extremely challenging. Challenging in that it demands responsibility. It confronts us with he reality that most things in life to not happen to us but rather happen because of us. We are the common denominator. We are not victims of chances floating through life. More times than not we are the source, the reason and the cause to the affect. I have been guilty so many times in life for blaming others, circumstances, the government, the weather, my age and anything else I can come up with to deflect responsibility elsewhere.

For the best poker player, It’s not the cards they are dealt it’s how they play them.

This is also liberating. To the same degree that we must face the mountain of responsibly in our lives is the degree to which we have unlimited potential and opportunity. We do not have to wait around for another person, better circumstances or differently finances to make big things happen. Here you are. You are here... right now! You are all that is required.

So today the choice is yours. Will you be a victim or will you take full responsibility of the good and the bad around you and make moves?

We’re all in this together!

Jason, Owner

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