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RR40: Confident Doubt

It is with complete confidence that I've doubted every business decision I've ever made...

This may sound strange at first, but with some explanation I think you will find comfort in that statement. I believe you can have complete confidence while dealing with daily doubt when building a brand, a team, a company. In fact, I believe it is essential to have tremendous confidence in who you are, what you stand for, and what solution you bring to the table when dealing with the second-guessing and uncertainty of major business decisions.

Be Confident

It's so easy... just be confident...

It's not easy, we all know this. So where does your confidence come from?

These are the areas I would suggest sorting out so you can draw consistent confidence from them, regardless the difficult choices ahead of you.

  1. Your relationships. Take full responsibility for your relationships. Successful or struggling, own it! Your spouse, your friends, your team, and your faith. When you're confident in your circle, it will empower you.

  2. Your identity. This could be personal identity but I'm mostly talking about your brand identity for the purpose of this rant. Who are you in the marketplace? Why are you different in the marketplace? Why is it absolutely essential for others to get to know you in the marketplace? Your brand is your reputation in the marketplace. Own it. Be confident in it!

  3. Your offering. Be confident in the problems you solve, in the skills you have and in your ability to grow. Be confident in your ability to dominate the space you occupy.

  4. Your action levels. Take massive action to ensure you are an absolute freak to the world around you. Your work-ethic is something that can be developed and something that no economy or situation can ever take away. You can take my company, my money and my ideas but you'll never get my hustle. I can always rebuild, always re-invent and always overcome. Become the hardest worker in the room and it will create confidence. (Go read "Hustle is a Muscle" for more on this topic).

Doubt your Doubts

It is 100% normal to doubt your major life decisions. Whether it's a business move or relationship move, the doubts that accompany life's conundrums will always be there. It's true that the more moves you make, the more you overcome the less you will doubt those things. But then you'll have bigger moves, new decisions and with that.... new doubts.

I wish there was a magic pill for removing doubts but they are just another form of fear. Use your doubts and fears to think, but don't ever act on them. Be confident in your growth, in your team, and in what got you this far and push through your doubt.

Feel that fear, and do it anyways.

So much of your life sits on the other side of fears.

I hope this short rant encourages you. If you struggle with doubts in your business you are not alone. Become the best version of yourself, be confident wherever you can and you'll be able to put your doubts on notice.

Having a solid plan will always bring more confidence as well. If you haven't yet, check out the Revo C3 Brand Builder's strategy. We've included the guide right in the middle of our Revo Review Magazine. Available in print or digital.

For more, you can always contact us and we're happy to help.

Have a great rest of 2021!

Jason Arntz | Founder

Revo Media

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