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RR15: Train or Die

Continue to learn, continue to train, continue to grow.... or die.

Disclaimer: This Rant is for those who want to rise above the crowd and dominate their sector.

No, I’m not saying that comfort and complacency can cause physical death but I’m certainly not going to tempt it. The death I’m referring to is entrepreneur, social, mental and emotional. We are designed to be perfected, sanctified and refined by fire. We need to be stretched, squeezed and stressed. You’ve also heard me state that “Hustle is a muscle”. Our society puts far too great a value on comfort, vacation, work-life balance and convenience.

Why do you think we are surrounded by so many whiners, quitters & failures?
“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’” - Muhammad Ali

A common question I receive from people is “How did you pick that up so fast?” Or “How are you so naturally good at all these things?” Or “you’re so lucky, how do you work with so many awesome artists and models?” While I’m flattered and appreciative of such admiration they are completely deceived.

I attack every new task, new skill and new obstacle with an “all in” ,”whatever it takes” mentality that will not yield until I’m as good as I can be.

People only see the result or the tip of the iceberg. They aren’t there through the sleepless nights, the bloody finger tips (guitar), the ringing ears (17 hours of song mixing), the watery eyes (days of editing and studying), the sweat and tears in the gym, the mountains of rejection, ridicule and failure. They weren’t there through my relentless pursuit of sales, marketing and closing strategies. People tend to embrace the glamorous, the frosting, the end result.

Those who learn to embrace the vision and the pain will rise above the rest. They will appear to be “lucky” and “naturally talented”.

(“Pain and Vision” rant is next)

Models: Are you training physically, perfecting your health and your look? Are you studying lighting and posing? Are you researching fashion trends, colors and locations? Are you committed daily to refine your mission and value proposition? Are you studying your audience and market analytics? Are you challenging yourself every day to be the very best in your sector at what you do?

Music Artists: Are you practicing and refining your craft every day? Are you studying the music industry, brand strategy, researching venues and merchandising? Are you in the studio, on stage and in the office perfecting your business?

Most of you have a team around you in some capacity and while a team is vital it is of utmost important to still take 100% personally responsibility for every aspect of your brand. (See previous rant RR14). This is liberating and empowering and will serve you and your team well. Don’t be the victim on a shoot or in the studio or on stage. Own your moments, your craft and your situations.

And train, train, train, train, train... or die.

This one is intense. It’s very close to home for me. I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way. I’ve had to learn this lesson multiple times. It is likely that in other ways I will continue to learn this lesson moving forward.

As I’ve said before, I am 100% committed to chasing my full potential for my family, my team, my clients and my community.

If we are united in this we will change the world!

Have a great Wednesday.

Jason, Owner

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