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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

(Featured Model: @mainmodelnp)

Successful creatives, entrepreneurs & leaders understand that it is vital to your survival to be able to live in both the “VISION” and in the “PAIN”.

Anyone who has had physical success in fitness understands this concept well. They understand the need to maintain their vision and goals as they push past every set and every rep while training. The person who is successful in weight loss knows all too well the feelings of sacrifice that accompany the moments of joy from achieving their goals.

Most of us cannot live in both the “pain” and in the “vision”. People usually split one way or the other and I have been guilty of this as well. So many of us have great vision and we follow our dreams... We write them out, we tell our friends and post about them on social media. Then when the pain hurts, when the rejection comes, when the real “work” takes place we end up bailing on the whole project. We fail because we lack the stamina to endure the pain to see the vision through. On the other hand, so many of us have a high tolerance for pain during the daily grind. Sometimes we stay there in jobs or careers we cannot stand. People will stay in bad relationships thinking it’s “right” just to endure the pain for the sake of pain... as if there’s some great charity in surviving it for no reason. We lack “VISION” in the pain. This is another hard way to live. “Without vision the people perish”. Without a destination locked into the guidance system we will incinerate on the launchpad like an early NASA rocket. You must ave a bigger better vision for your life. If you cant come up with one, call me - text me - come see me. I have one for you.

“Pain” for the endgame of enduring, without vision will get you nowhere. On the flip side, “vision” without the stamina and pain-tolerance will do nothing but leave you repeatedly deflated and with less and less credibility.

How can you get “there”? How can you become immune to the pain and hardship required to attain your loftiest of goals?

1. Understand your “why”. your vision must be big enough to tip the risk/ reward scale. Your why will remind you daily that it is worth it. You need to know “who” it’s for and “why” it’s for before you can develop your new pain-tolerance.

2. Accountability. Buddy-up! Have a person you can come to every time you have the urge to quit... every time it feels too hard to go on. This needs to be a person free from negativity and who has their own vision or shares your vision. Negative people are poison and will throw water on your fire.

3. Develop an “all in”, “whatever-it-takes” mindset (Grant Cardone). You have to “burn the ships”, “no plan ‘B’” and be fully committed to your daily actions. Repeat these over time and “time” will be your only factor.

Pain & Vision! Both are required.

Leave your comments or questions. I would love to near your thoughts and experiences.

We’re all growing together.

Have a great day!

Jason, Owner

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