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3/23 is “Revo Day”

Wow. What a day. As I write this I am not worried or weary. I am focused. I know that God is in control and that I have a job to do. An important job… a culture shifting, earth moving job. It’s time to expand, to grow and to dominate.

A couple hours ago I found out (from my day job selling cars) that I’m unemployed effective immediately. Due to the drastic up-tick in new COVID-19 cases, our state government has initiated a full lockdown of all non essential businesses. That means me and millions of other hard-working citizens. This could be temporary. This could only be 3 weeks. Or this could be much longer than anyone knows… Regardless of how long it goes we’re in real trouble economically as a nation not to mention my own personal economy. The trend and the tendency is to complain and fall victim to mass hysteria all around us. The norm Is to jump on the fear band-wagon… to retreat, to close off and to conserve. What you may not know is that prior to all this I had purchased my first house, survived the worst months in car sales and got audited by the IRS. Getting laid-off was just the icing on the cake. My wife Jen is a stay-at-home mom and we have 3 sons. So it's a tough day I'm turning into a holiday called "Revo Day".

The truth is, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. True character is revealed in times of adversity. I have studied economic down-times, read books and mentally prepared so that this day wouldn’t break me. We should still pray for our families and for our world. We should still be wise and do take the right steps to protect ourselves and those around us. We should also THRIVE.

I’ve been working on the newest version of our company, Revo for about 5 months now with our new services, new partners and new missions. I told myself from day one that I would build my company to create a new economy for myself and those who work with me… one where we would no longer be victims of the surrounding circumstances. I vowed to lead by example and to make ethical, passion driven choices that would lift up those around me. I determined early on, that success was my duty and obligation, not for myself, but for all those around that would benefit from me seeking my full potential.


So I’m calling today, 3/23, REVO DAY. I can choose to let these circumstances stunt my growth and feed me millions of excuses or I can dig in, focus up and expand like never before. I have every “right” to relax at home for 3 weeks or I can use this time to study, to prepare, to network, to grow and to expand in a way that other business cannot. It’s very easy to stand out in times like this.

You just have to have a positive attitude and swim upstream. Do the hard things that no-one else will do. Press in when everyone else is quitting. Hustle when everyone else is watching Netflix. Workout from home while everyone making excuses because their gym is closed.

It’s easy to do well in good times… but these are the days that allow us to shine like a beacon of hope in total darkness. It’s hard to noice a lamp on a sun-shinny day.. but put that lamp in a dark, dangerous place and it could mean “life”.

Partners, creatives, models, artists and everyone else who reads this: I need you to be light! Get your attitude in check, realize the beauty of hard times and the size and scope of the opportunities before you. Stay informed but don’t spread fear… spread hope. Those of us who choose too look at hard times as opportunity are the ones who will emerge from the other side of hardship even better off than when it came.

So I have work to do. We, have work to do! We have this window of opportunity to be the creatives the world needs and the artists and models the world needs. Everyone and every business is affected by this and we are going to bring solutions. Revo will be strongly positioned to deliver the services and solutions companies and individuals need to get back up and running. Visual and audio content will be in high demand during and after this. Businesses need more than ever to get their messages out and to have the content to back it up.

So I’ll be up early. Unemployed does not mean without work. It means work without the shackles of a job that was taking time away from my purpose. They will call me back and I don’t know how long this window will last but I know that I will make the most of it.

If you aren’t familiar with the Revo Vision, go watch the live stream from last Friday on the “Club Revo” Facebook page.

Join me! Everyone's circumstances are different but we are all affected by this thing. Almost all of us are quarantined. So do something with this opportunity. Artists, you’d better be writing new songs, honing your craft. Models, you’d better be studying posing, lighting, reaching out for endorsements/ sponsorships. You’d better be dialing in your messaging, your “why”. Work on your logo, your website, your portfolio. Help us with sales by sending some companies you’d like us to close commercial deals with.

If you need help knowing how to spend your time do not hesitate to ask me.

Much of what revo is, comes from my crazy brain but what it is becoming is because of our team. WIth the collision of ideas and visions we’ve been able to develop the strongest, most effective business model in the industry. We’re targeting real needs in a new way with an unstoppable team. I truly believe we have no competition, no resistance and only opportunity ahead of us.

I am humbled and honored to work with each of you. The great book says:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” Philippians 4:6

“With THANKSGIVING!!” I am thankful for the hard times and I embrace the new obstacles and opportunities. We are surrounded by some very real, very new problems. Solving them will change the world.

Let’s roll!

= Jason, Owner

Send me your questions and comments.

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