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RR2 | You are killing your brand

Photo: Heather Meekhof IG @hambam90

If it isn’t an asset to your brand it is a liability to your case. I’m a huge advocate for saying “yes”... for committing first and figuring it out later. I’m a huge fan of taking the plunge and overcoming fears and insecurities. That being said, there are times to say “no”. There are times when the perceived opportunity is in actuality a stumbling block or a distraction from your purpose.... a liability.

Liability: “a person or thing whose presence or behavior is likely to cause embarrassment or put one at a disadvantage.” This is the last thin you need when you’re focused on dominating your space and expanding in your market space.

Asset: “a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.” Focus on things, peoples, qualities and opportunities that are an asset to your brand.

People spend years building other people’s dreams and brands all at the alter of saying “yes” to everything. Find a team you CAN say yes to, that has common best interests in mind... that shares your values and goals. Focus on tasks and activities and serve your brand and the bigger picture. When we’re flying down the highway at 90 mph we don’t have time to look out the window at distractions. Keep your eyes out that windshield aimed unwavering at your goals and desires... your purpose, your cause, your message, your impact.

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