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“I’m just waiting for my opportunity”. “No one is hiring.” “I just need to get discovered”. “It’s the economy”. “People just don’t pay for music anymore”. “I can’t get up that early”. “I can’t afford it”. “I’m too late to the game”. “I’m too old”. “I’m too young”. “I’ve was hurt”. (Insert your recent excuses here _____________________)


God has given humanity perhaps the single most powerful ability in all of human history... the power to choose... free-will. This power has birthed revolutions, revivals, wars, new discoveries and new inventions.

WIth free-will comes an enormous weigh of individual responsibility.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” - Spider-Man

It’s a responsibility that so many of us discount or pass on to others. People would rather forfeit their responsibility and at the same time their freedom. People would rather hand it over to people, their government, the “industry”, an agent or label or just good ol’ fashioned “luck”. As hard as you might try to escape it, the reality of responsibility never changes.


The truth is, it’s easier to medicate our pain by blaming our situation, income, status and our future failures on others. We blame events, groups of people, systems, industries, our parents, significant others and anyone and everyone other than ourselves.


Your past and your environment certainly play a role. I’ve heard it said “you are the sum of all the choices you’ve made up to this point in life.” I think there is definitely some truth to that. We all have adversity, we all have road blocks, we all have people or group of people who have made our journeys far more treacherous. Some of us have had it much harder than others. I think we would all agree, no matter your background that life can be extremely difficult. It is up to the individual if they will overcome these influencers over their lives or if they will remain the victim thus forfeiting all their power to change.

Life is Short

Each of us is granted only a few short years on this life (some less than others) and each of us is responsible for how they are spent. For some, this rant is obvious. For others, this is a big pill to swallow. It requires a great deal of self-reflection and self-discipline. Those of you who know me know I boast in our great God from whom I am daily restored with an unstoppable hope and unshakable joy. My faith in God and His goodness inform my choices and give me the emotional and spiritual strength to make the hard choices. I choose not to be afraid or shy away from my personal responsibility.


The more you increase your responsibility, the more free you become. Though it can be hard at first, you will being to find that you can create your own “luck”. When you take full responsibility for your relationships, your economy and your future you will begin to see it completely transform. You will begin to see your life less affected by the rapid waves of the circumstantial world around you. It’s incredible! It’s empowering to know that others do not own you or your outcomes. When you own your failures and shortcomings you’ll do so with the understanding that you can change, make adjustments and get it right. With this power you can build empires and transform the world around you.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time and energy on what you can control instead of living all your days as a victim of everything?

Control Freak

I’m not saying you should become a control freak. You can only make your own choices, not the choices of others. You will need to lead people and inspire them. You will need to build a network of partnerships. Unpredictable situations will always arise and at the end of they day none of us are really in control of the world around us. We can only control ourselves. So do it well. Own it!

Revo Responsibly

If you’ve worked with Revo you know this is how we operate. When we are on a job or on a call we take full responsibility for how we conduct ourselves and how we serve our unified vision. We hold each other accountable to grow in this area. When you bring team of people together, each one devoted to personal growth and responsibility, that team becomes unstoppable. A team like that will either succeed or quit. There’s no quit on my team.

Let’s roll,

  • Jason | Owner

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