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RR32: Take The Hit or Quit (Part 1 of 4)


“Jason, you will either succeed or you will quit.”

These words were said to me by a business mentor years ago and it has always stuck with me. If you have the right service, solution or product and the right system the only variable remaining is time. Not “if” you’ll succeed but “when”.

Success is defined as: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

There are 2 major factors that contribute to your success timeline.

  1. Your action/ activity level

  2. Your resilience and perseverance (your ability to get “hit”)

There are many revo rants on taking massive and persistent action so we’re going to focus today’s rant on perseverance.

Action Rants:

Learn to Get Hit

There are many types of “hits” you’ll take when you begin to make waves in the market place.

Criticism (constructive or not)




These hits, these detractors to our success can be made into your greatest strengths and assets.


I want criticism. I want to find my weaknesses as quickly as possible. So I need criticism. Learn to take criticism without becoming defensive. Learn to feel the hit and learn from it. You will see exponential growth if you start embracing it.

It’s Personal

As an artist, it’s even more challenging to take criticism regardless of how it’s delivered. Anything other than complete excitement about our project and we get defensive. We take it personally because as artists we create within ourselves and we share a bond with the things we create. For models it literally is themselves. The more confident you become in your craft the more you’ll be able to handle the criticism. Learn to determine what is helpful and discard the rest.

Some people in life are going nowhere and they think they need to pull you down to get there faster.

Pursue Criticism

I recommend this. You’re going to get criticized anyways. You might as well seek out people you trust and respect... people who have accomplished what you’re setting out to accomplish. Ask for their feedback and criticism. Listen first and then apply what you can. Pursuing this kind of feedback will get you progressing much more rapidly towards your goals. When I started in photography I sought out the very best people I could who were shooting in a way I aspired to. I asked them for feedback, took the criticism and allowed myself to grow at a very rapid rate. I’ve spent months on a song only to have the artist tell me they just hate everything about it. Staying humble and open will be the absolute fastest way for you to grow and more quickly reach your audience and your goals.

Now get out there and get criticized!

Part 2 is about “haters”

Have a great day!

  • Jason, Owner

Featured Model: Justin Main

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