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Successful people don’t find time, the MAKE IT! “I dont have time to get to the gym, to manage my social media, to promote my brand, to read that book, to watch that training video, to call that client, to close that deal...” Sound familiar? You don’t have time because you are not in control of time. The average person wastes SO much time serving things that will not help themselves or anyone else. Just like your money, your time must be budgeted. Creating & controlling time teaches you to create and control your own freedom. So in conclusion, stop viewing time as something you’re constantly fighting against or as something you never have enough of and take control of it. Use time as your asset, just like your other tools to leverage for expansion of your brand, your network and your market impact.

Pro Tips:

1. Keep a cloud-based calendar in sync across all of your digital devices

Set auto alarms for all activities

2. Wake-up early and write out your daily goals as well as your long-term life goals. Keep these things in front of you every minute of every day. Physical and spiritual wellness. Hit the gym and get in an audio book, read your bible, pray... take care of your heart and soul to get your mindset right for the day.

3. Take time before time takes you. Before you go to bed write out (or type out) what needs to get done the next day and schedule it.Go read RR4 “motivation follow action”. Without taking the action, regardless of your feelings you will not succeed in controlling time.

Hustle is a muscle. Let’s roll!

Jason | Owner

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